Wild Wednesday: Hang Gliding in Queenstown

Located on New Zealand’s South Island, Queenstown is best known for its rugged mountains and wide array of adventure sports. This week we went hang gliding off of Coronet Peak, a spot with stunning views and one heck of a drop. We were in good hands though – our pilot was New Zealand’s National Hang Gliding Champion.

Snapshot Sunday: Driving along the Great Ocean Road

[ptcPhoto filename=”GreatOceanRoad1280.jpg” title=”Buddha” caption=”Driving on the Great Ocean Road – Victoria, Australia” position=”center”]

Australia’s Great Ocean Road is a picturesque ribbon of highway along the southern coast of Victoria. Not only does the 250-kilometer stretch of road have plenty of great views, but it also offers some perspective: It serves as the country’s largest World War I memorial, built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932.

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Snapshot Sunday: PTC Down Under!

[ptcPhoto filename=”Kangaroos-1.jpg” title=”Kangaroos” caption=”Kangaroos near Jindabyne, New South Wales – Australia” position=”center”]

This morning we got up early and hired mountain bikes to visit the Bungarra Alpine Center outside of Jindabyne, New South Wales. This troop of grey kangaroos took a break from their grazing to check us out, and to pose just so for a photo.

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Snapshot Sunday: An Amble Down Porto’s Waterfront

[ptcPhoto filename=”Porto5x7-1.jpg” title=”Porto” caption=”View of Porto from across the Douro River – Porto, Portugal” position=”center”]

They say that Portugal’s second-largest city, Porto, is hard on the feet but pleasant to the eye. Climbing through the city’s hills can be tiresome indeed, but the views and namesake port wine are worth the effort. Cross the bridge to take in Porto’s stacked hillside, which tumbles down to the Douro River in a fanfare of color.

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Snapshot Sunday: Graffiti Gone Wild in Barcelona

[ptcPhoto filename=”Graffiti640.jpg” title=”Graffiti” caption=”Graffiti Wall in Barcelona, Catalonia – Spain” position=”center”]

The world is a canvas for graffiti artists in Spain; it seems you can’t walk a block without spotting a vibrant flourish of spray paint. This piece near La Rambla street in Barcelona is a good example of mixed media doodles. Notice the many layers which indicate it hasn’t been painted over in quite some time.

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