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Snapshot Sunday: Rush Hour on Taipei Bridge

Rush hour
Rush hour on Taipei Bridge - Taipei, Taiwan

With 415 scooters for every 1,000 people in Taipei, two wheelers dominate rush hour. And they aren’t just used for the commute – it’s common to see entire families crammed onto one scooter: A dog perilously balancing on the floorboard followed by the dad who sits in front of a child, perched in front of the mom holding a baby and groceries for the evening meal.

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3 Responses to “Snapshot Sunday: Rush Hour on Taipei Bridge”

  1. Jelmini

    That is a crazy number of scooters. Did you guys dare ride one? I think I’ve learned my lesson from when I was in Bali

    • Eric

      We didn’t ride one in Taipei, but when we were in Green Island as that was literally the only form of transportation.


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