Trip Statistics

General Travel Statistics

[ptcPhoto filename=”BoatStats.jpg” title=”Boats” caption=”Number of boat rides: 41″ position=”right”]

  • Number of days traveling: 606
  • Number of countries visited: 23
  • Number of cities visited: 152
  • Most expensive day: $531.20, traveling by plane from Sydney to Cairns, Australia
  • Least expensive day: $14.70 in Pokhara, Nepal (being sick and not eating is great for the budget)
  • Types of beer sampled: 164
  • Daily average cost, overall: $99

Transportation Stats

  • Number of trains: 32
  • Number of buses: 63
  • Number of planes: 57
  • Longest train: 18 hours – Mumbai, India to Jaipur, India
  • Longest bus: 14.5 hours – Kakarbhitta, Nepal to Kathmandu, Nepal

Lodging Stats

  • Number of hotels: 156
  • Most expensive hotel: $119.87 at Dead Sea, Jordan
  • Least expensive hotel: $0 on our trek in Nepal – in low season you can sometimes pay for food and sleep for free! (The least expensive paid hotel was Kanhaia Haveli in Pushkar, India – it was $4.60 a night.)

[ptcPhoto filename=”BikeRentals.jpg” title=”Bikes” caption=”Number of bike rentals: 6″ position=”left”]
[ptcPhoto filename=”AwkwardPhoto.jpg” title=”Uhh” caption=”Number of awkward photos: A whole lot.” position=”right”]

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