1,000 Things

We’re anticipating at least five years outside of Denver before we settle back down into domesticity. Looking around our tiny one-bedroom, I notice how much STUFF we have. It’s crammed into every closet and cupboard, under furniture, in piles on the floor…almost all of this has to go. We’ll keep a 60 square foot storage space while we’re away and everything we still own has to fit into it.

So today, in hopes of making the transition from an apartment of stuff to a backpack of essentials a bit less painful, we decided to begin a new Sunday ritual: throw away/sell/donate 10 items each, every single week. I figure that if we keep up this literal and symbolic purging, we’ll have very little to do when we have to move. Altogether, can we get rid of 1,000 things? By the looks of it, I’m thinking yes.

Eric was telling me about these people who only own 100 things. This wouldn’t include essentials like food, but it would include things like eating utensils, clothing, keepsakes, and the like. I must have at least 20 items in my purse right now. So that would be a challenge. How many things do you think you own? How and why do we accumulate so much stuff?

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  1. I have away over 1,000 would not know where to start. All I can say is good luck to you both. You have more will powed than I do. We will save your date and be there for your wedding. So I guess giving you dishes or an iron is out of the question.LOL Love You

  2. I think I own over 1000 things easily – I started out in Colorado with what fit into a Honda Civic and a Suzuki. Now it would take 10-20 trips in my 4Runner to haul everything I own! I don’t know how I’d get to 100 things – storage would be a necessity for such a long trip!

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