12 Weeks Out: Checking In

Hi. Hey there. Happy Holidays. Do you like the new website design? Eric’s been working on it nonstop! He’s been busy with that, and I FINALLY finished school. So here we are, 12 weeks out, with a freshly minted site and a whole lot of writing to do.

After so many months of planning, all of the major pieces (budget, route, logistics) are in place. Well, as much as they can be. We’re trudging through the last ten weeks of work like children who have to eat all their green beans before going out to play.

In an effort to break up some of the longest months EVER, we’re going to Chicago for Christmas and New Orleans over the MLK holiday in January. It will be great to get some quality time in with our family and friends, who must be completely tired of hearing about our upcoming trip. Thanks, you guys, for lending a perpetual ear to our musings. I promise our travel posts will be more interesting than our planning.

We were fortunate to find a colleague to adopt Dolce, our cat child. Now he’ll have two dogs to keep him company, and hopefully he’ll get more exercise in the new back yard. Thank you, Justin, for offering him a great new home!

[ptcFlickr id=”8219570702″]

Other than that, we started packing and the purging continues. Stay tuned for budget and planning articles, which should start going up soon. Hope you and yours are having a great holiday season!

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