Plotting Our Course: Part 1

How we Decided to Travel RTW

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We meet a ton of people who say they want to travel the world, and we believe that just about anyone can. Most of us who take gap years or head out indefinitely aren’t trustafarians. There’s just some glitch in our personalities that always makes us crave something new, and we go out of our way to find it.

World travel was first date material for us. We had both traveled (he’s been more West, I more East) and long-term travel was already on the table. What’s more, we had both considered joining the Peace Corps. What were the odds that we’d met another person who was just as passionate about these things? The planning began right away.

So some people have these dreams all on their own and are perfectly happy going solo. We had both been holding out for a travel partner. I think we motivate each other to stay on track with planning and saving money. Eric’s been great with the website, and I’ve researched most of our route. He chose all of our electronics, and I picked out all the travel clothes. Teamwork rocks.

Anyways, getting back to the point of this post: We are not rich or fearless. We’ve had many reservations about quitting our jobs and leaving behind all of the great people in our lives. And I have to leave my cat! But our relationships won’t unravel just because we’re outside the U.S. (especially if you guys visit us, hinthint). Career-wise, there will always be another cubicle, and the world will always need software engineers and accountants if we do go back into those fields. A major goal in traveling the world is to find ourselves and what really makes us happy – both individually and in our marriage. There will certainly be sacrifices, but as the (cliché) saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

In sum, for us traveling RTW is one part passion and eight parts determination. Curiosity doesn’t hurt either. Nor does love.

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