Snapshot Sunday: Blue Sky and Tea in Darjeeling

[ptcPhoto filename=”Darjeeling640.jpg” title=”Happy Valley” caption=”View of Darjeeling from Happy Valley Tea Estate, West Bengal – India” position=”center”]

Rising to a height of 6,800 feet, Happy Valley Tea Estate operates one of the highest tea factories in the world. They’ve been producing Darjeeling’s famous brew since 1854, and some of their bushes have been around for more than a century.

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4 Replies to “Snapshot Sunday: Blue Sky and Tea in Darjeeling”

  1. Hi Eric and Sam!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive your posts!!! I get excited every time I see a message from you and so enjoy your pictures and tales!!! Loads of love and well wishes, thanks again, Donna (Dan’s wife)

  2. Eric:
    I see all of the posts are written by Sam. Her writing is great. When are you going to do some of the writing?
    Keep send the mail it is interesting and enjoyable.

    1. Yeah I’ve been slacking, but I do a lot of the back end work on the website which takes a lot of time. The next few will be written by me though!

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