Month Four…er…Five

Life in Asia took over so we fell behind again! The last time we wrote an update we had just finished trekking in Nepal and were on our way to South Korea. At the end of May we flew from Kathmandu to Seoul via Hong Kong, where we had our first experience with gruel during our layover. It wasn’t so bad.

[ptcPhoto filename=”Gruel.jpg” title=”Congee” caption=”Okay, it’s called congee” position=”center”]

What Have We Been Up To?

We spent a month in Korea and fell in love with the country’s culture and food. It was a little shocking for us to land down in a place where everything is so tidy and modern – we weren’t sure what to expect and were pleasantly surprised. Sam was a little ambitious with our itinerary there, which had us hopping from city to city at a breakneck pace. Within four weeks we scooted around Jeju island, tried our hand at archery, cheered at a baseball game, saw temples and palaces, strolled through parks, and shopped our way through a lot of markets. So by the end we had seen a lot, but we were a little burnt out from doing so much in such a short period of time.

[ptcPhoto filename=”EricKnight.jpg” title=”Yep” caption=”We still had time to do that” position=”center”]

Last week we made some new friends in Busan when we tried out couch surfing for the first time. They made us feel right at home, and we appreciated having a kitchen (and a dog!) for a couple of days. After Busan we took an overnight ferry from South Korea to Japan. Leaving made us a little sad, so we sought solace in big platters of sushi.

[ptcPhoto filename=”Sushi.jpg” title=”Sushi” caption=”It reminded us that Japan has amazing food too” position=”center”]

Our Japanese tour began in Hiroshima, and now we’re in Osaka for a week. Fourth of July was less than stellar since we couldn’t find an American bar (despite going over to the “America Mura” neighborhood, complete with its own statue of liberty). We did find a British pub and good beer, so it wasn’t a total loss.

[ptcPhoto filename=”4th.jpg” title=”4th of July” caption=”Those might be forced ‘I’m homesick’ smiles” position=”left”]

Over the next few weeks we’re trying to slow it down a little so we can really enjoy each new place. Also, it gives us a chance to actually unpack our bags and do laundry sometimes.

What’s Next?

Our friend Jelmini is visiting! He’ll fly over to meet us in Tokyo at the end of the month, and we plan to hike Mt. Fuji together. He can only visit for a short time and wants to see China as well, so at the beginning of August we’ll already be flying over to Beijing to see the Great Wall. We’re really looking forward to his visit, both because we miss him and also because our togetherness is starting to fester. Just kidding, we’re doing well, but we do spend way more time together than can possibly be healthy. Jelmini, get ready to be the center of attention, and for whirlwind tours of Tokyo and Beijing!

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