Snapshot Sunday: Youth Fashion at Yoyogi Park

[ptcPhoto filename=”Decora640.jpg” title=”Decora” caption=”Youth Fashion at Yoyogi Park, Harajuku – Tokyo, Japan” position=”center”]

On Sundays, Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood is flooded with extreme Japanese youth fashions. From rockabilly and cosplay to Gothic Lolita and punk, anything goes for “Harajuku Kids”. Bright colors and head to toe accessories characterize the Decora style above.

Click here to view a larger, detailed image.

2 Replies to “Snapshot Sunday: Youth Fashion at Yoyogi Park”

  1. Hi, Sam & Eric! Just received your postcard yesterday (the 5th). What an unexpected surprise! Thanks! I’m following your lovely posts. Take care & stay safe!


    1. Wow, postcards from Japan travel fast! Some of the fashions we saw there reminded me of your oldest. 🙂 Hope all is well back home!

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