Snapshot Sunday: The Taipei 101

[ptcPhoto filename=”Taipei101640.jpg” title=”Taipei 101″ caption=”Taipei 101 – Taipei, ROC(Taiwan)” position=”center”]

At 1,667 feet (508 meters) the Taipei 101 building is the second tallest building in the world. Dubbed in Taiwan as “Mankind’s Greatest Engineering Achievement”, locals are proud of this city landmark which is capable of withstanding both typhoons and large earthquakes.

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Snapshot Sunday: Beach Time at Dadonghai

[ptcPhoto filename=”HainanDodonghaiBeach640.jpg” title=”Dadonghai” caption=” Dadonghai Beach, Sanya – Hainan, China” position=”center”]

Sometimes dubbed the “Hawaii of China”, the southern island of Hainan is a tropical vacation spot for Chinese and Russian tourists. Indeed, the sand and surf of Dadonghai Beach are a world apart from the mainland – although maybe not quite like Hawaii!

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