Hello Kitty, Goodbye Ground

I’m not sure I get the Hello Kitty hype. She’s a cute cat, to be sure, but what’s she all about? Does she represent something in particular? And how is she so good at getting her face printed on merchandise the world over?

[ptcPhoto filename=”HKStore.jpg” title=”So.much.pink.” caption=”Need something pink before boarding? Stop at the HK store in Taipei’s airport.” position=”center”]

[ptcPhoto filename=”HKBreastfeeding.jpg” title=”Bizarre.” caption=”Or perhaps you can pay a visit to the HK breastfeeding room?” position=”center”]

Personally when it comes to Japanese cats, I’m more of a Maru fan. So for clarity, this article is not an endorsement of the Sanrio Corporation, Kitty, her views, beliefs, or fuzzy little friends.

Now that that’s out of the way. Eva Air (a Taiwanese carrier) has built a whole fleet of Hello Kitty jets so I’ve put together some photos to show you what it’s like to fly on one. By chance, we flew on two of them:

[ptcPhoto filename=”HKPlane.jpg” title=”Apples plane” caption=”The ‘Hello Kitty Loves Apples’ plane.” position=”center”]
[ptcPhoto filename=”HKPlane2.jpg” title=”Sanrio plane” caption=”…and the ‘Sanrio Family Hand in Hand’ plane.” position=”center”]
[ptcPhoto filename=”HKSeats.jpg” title=”HK seats” caption=”Starting to see a theme?” position=”center”]

[ptcPhoto filename=”HKAttendant.jpg” title=”Attendant” caption=”Lest we forget this is a HELLO KITTY JET.” position=”center”]

[ptcPhoto filename=”HKMeal.jpg” title=”HK meal” caption=”Note the cutlery and fish cake. And that carrot is shaped like a bow.” position=”center”]

[ptcPhoto filename=”HKBathroom.jpg” title=”HK bathroom” caption=”Bathroom break? How about some Kitty toilet paper.” position=”center”]

[ptcPhoto filename=”HKFoisGras.jpg” title=”HK bathroom” caption=”For first-class passengers: Hello Kitty fois gras.” position=”center”]

So what do you think? Is this a fun marketing ploy on Eva’s part, or have they gone overboard here?

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