Snapshot Sunday: Meet Me Under the Clock

[ptcPhoto filename=”GCSClock.jpg” title=”Clock” caption=”The Clock in Grand Central Station – New York City, USA” position=”center”]

Celebrating its 100 year anniversary, the Grand Central Terminal Clock was built to commemorate the opening of the Grand Central Terminal. The clock, which adorns the station’s information booth, has been featured in numerous Hollywood movies. Due to the clock’s central location it has become a popular meeting place, resulting in the phrase Meet me under the clock.

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Snapshot Sunday: Thanksgiving in the Mile High City

[ptcPhoto filename=”DenPan.jpg” title=”Denver” caption=”View of the Front Range from Denver, Colorado – USA” position=”center”]

After 30 hours and 8,000+ miles of travel from Hong Kong, we landed down in Colorado on Thanksgiving. This morning we were greeted with this view of the Rocky Mountains, extremely dry and fresh air, and one of Denver’s 300 days of annual sunshine. It’s good to be home for a visit!

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