Snapshot Sunday: Things get Surreal at Dalí’s Museum

[ptcPhoto filename=”Dali.jpg” title=”Dali” caption=”Dalí’s Palace of the Wind Ceiling Mural – Figueres, Catalonia – Spain” position=”center”]

Perched in the north where Spain meets France is Figueres, the town where famed artist Salvador Dalí was born. There you’ll find the Dalí Theatre and Museum – a huge and diverse collection of his work which includes this ceiling mural in the ‘Palace of the Wind‘ room. Throughout the museum you’ll encounter hundreds of surrealist pieces that range from whimsical to disturbing – and many that are downright bizarre!

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Snapshot Sunday: Strolling through a Forest of Columns

[ptcPhoto filename=”Mezquita.jpg” title=”Mezquita” caption=”The Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba, Andalusia – Spain” position=”center”]

A medieval Islamic mosque-turned-cathedral, the Mezquita of Cordoba was built between the eighth and tenth centuries out of materials salvaged from an old Roman temple. It functioned as a mosque up until 1236 when Ferdinand and Isabella conquered the city and converted the building into a Catholic church. Even today, Muslims want to reclaim this sacred space – in 2006 the Pope himself ruled they couldn’t pray here.

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