A Voyage to Cast Away Island

Did you know that you can visit the island where Cast Away was filmed? Remember, the Tom Hanks movie where he gets marooned on an island for four years? That’s Monuriki Island, as the locals call it. It’s uninhabited apart from a large iguana population and has a land area of only .4 square kilometers. Our snorkel tour there ended up being our favorite activity in Fiji (aside from the doing nothing part – we quite enjoyed that too).

Here are photos!

[ptcPhoto filename=”CAIsland.jpg” title=”The Island” caption=”Sailing up to the island.” position=”center”]
[ptcPhoto filename=”CACliff.jpg” title=”Cliff” caption=”You might recognize the cliff up top as the place Chuck tries to commit suicide.” position=”center”]
[ptcPhoto filename=”CABeach.jpg” title=”White” caption=”The beach on Monuriki…they had to film selectively since there are other islands around.” position=”center”]
[ptcPhoto filename=”CACoconut.jpg” title=”Coconut” caption=”Our guide Mini shows us the rock where Chuck smashes coconuts.” position=”center”]
[ptcPhoto filename=”CASnorkel.jpg” title=”Snorkel” caption=”There are a million microscopic jellyfish in the water here, which impart a million tiny stings.” position=”center”]
[ptcPhoto filename=”CAPalm.jpg” title=”Palm” caption=”This is the beach where he washes up in the beginning of the film.” position=”center”]
[ptcPhoto filename=”CAUs.jpg” title=”Us” caption=”Two of only ten people on the island that day.” position=”center”]
[ptcPhoto filename=”CAEric.jpg” title=”Waves” caption=”‘No no, don’t hurry with the rescue operation. We’ll stay a while…'” position=”center”]

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    1. We found out that they’ll drop you on the island overnight if you bring your own gear…wish we’d have known that ahead of time!

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