America Monday: South Carolina’s Angel Oak

[ptcPhoto filename=”AngelOak800-1.jpg” title=”Angel Oak” caption=”The Angel Oak Tree – near Charleston, South Carolina” position=”center”]

This massive oak tree outside of Charleston produces enough shade to cover 17,200 square feet, and is one of the oldest living things east of the Mississippi. According to local folklore, the ghosts of former slaves sometimes appear as angels around the tree…although its name really comes from the original estate owners, Justis and Martha Angel.

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Snapshot Sunday: The Dome of the Blue Mosque

[ptcPhoto filename=”BlueMosqueSS700-1.jpg” title=”Sultanahmet” caption=”The main dome of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.” position=”center”]

Sultan Ahmet initiated the construction of his Istanbul mosque in 1609 when he was only nineteen years old. Its beauty was meant to rival that of neighboring Hagia Sophia, which was originally built over a thousand years earlier. Most would agree that the 20,000 blue tiles which give the Blue Mosque its name accomplished that goal.

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