Snapshot Sunday: Beach Time at Dadonghai

[ptcPhoto filename=”HainanDodonghaiBeach640.jpg” title=”Dadonghai” caption=” Dadonghai Beach, Sanya – Hainan, China” position=”center”]

Sometimes dubbed the “Hawaii of China”, the southern island of Hainan is a tropical vacation spot for Chinese and Russian tourists. Indeed, the sand and surf of Dadonghai Beach are a world apart from the mainland – although maybe not quite like Hawaii!

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Snapshot Sunday: The Shanghai Skyline

[ptcPhoto filename=”Pudong640.jpg” title=”Pudong” caption=”The Pudong skyline – Shanghai, China” position=”center”]

With more than eighty buildings exceeding 500 feet in height, the Pudong skyline in Shanghai is as new as it is distinctive. All of the skyscrapers were built over the last twenty years, and the development continues with at least twenty more in the works.

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Snapshot Sunday: The Warriors at Xi’an

[ptcPhoto filename=”Warriors640.jpg” title=”Warriors” caption=”The Terracotta Warriors – Xi’an, China” position=”center”]

Historians believe that up to 700,000 craftsmen and slaves built the complex that houses the Terracotta Warriors at Xi’an. Some evidence suggests that all of them were put to death in order to keep the mausoleum a secret. Even now, only 1,800 statues have been uncovered as most of the site remains unexcavated.

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Snapshot Sunday: The Great Wall at Mutianyu

[ptcPhoto filename=”Wall640.jpg” title=”The Great Wall” caption=”The Great Wall at Mutianyu, China” position=”center”]

Construction of the Great Wall goes back as far as the 8th century BCE, but the 14th century CE portion at Mutianyu has the largest construction scale and best quality among all sections. It served as the northern barrier defending the capital and the imperial tombs during the Ming Dynasty. This section of the Wall is a great choice for travelers who want to avoid the crowds at Badaling – an added bonus is the tobaggan ride down!

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